Ice Tray Battery

post-image1Required Materials:

  1. Distilled white vinegar
  2. 5 pieces of copper wire
  3. 5 galvanized nails
  4. Ice tray
  5. 1 LED light

Batteries are comprised of two different metals suspended in an acidic solution. With the Ice Tray Battery, the two metals are zinc and copper. The zinc is in the galvanization of the nail, and the copper wire. The acid comes from the vinegar inside the ice tray. More specifically, the acid comes from the 4-8% of the vinegar that is acetic acid.

post-image2The two metal components are electrodes, the parts of a battery where electrical current enters and leaves the battery. With a zinc and copper set-up, the current will flow out of the wire and into the nail. The electricity also passes through the acidic solution inside the tray wells.

Once the Ice Tray Battery is connected to the LED, you create a complete circuit. As the electrical current passes through the LED, it lights the LED, and passes back through all of the components.